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Database Development Using T-SQL


W elcome to T-SQL training course. Finally you got right place to learn T-Sql in easy, efficient, task-oriented and well-organized manner. The training process categorized into THREE(3)-Effective tutotrials and each one delievers a task- oriented valuable material organized into Online-Learning Classes (OLCs). Each OLC has its scope and vision. However, first tutorial classes, provides you with maximum stuff and satisfaction to learn and implement Sql Query. The Tutorial-2 taught you how you can do Db-Programming using T-SQL; this includes writing Stored Procedures, Functions (UDF), Triggers, Cursors and Transaction using T-SQL constructs; The final Tutorial-3, explains how can you do database modeling using E-R diagrams and following predefined RDBMS rules.

  1. Lesson-1: Learning DB-Table Operations

  2. Lesson-2: Learning Integrity Constraints

  3. Lesson-3: Learning Basic DML / CRUD Operations

  4. Lesson-4: Learning Advanced - DML /CRUD operations

  5. Lesson-5: Learning Advance SELECT

  6. Lesson-6: Learning JOIN-operation (with All DML- CRUD operations)

  7. Lesson-7: Learning Sub-Queries

  8. Lesson-8: Learning Temp-Tables:

  9. Lesson-9: Learning INDEXes

  10. Lesson-10: Learning VIEWS

  11. Lesson-11: Learning Built-in functions

  12. Lesson-12: Learning Database Operations

        I hope you would like and enjoy reading all OLCs (Online Learning Classes) that I have try to explain the concept precisely. I will do my best to write and update the posts as well on time to ensure you people get all stuff at single place.

       The approach I follow here will help you to quickly locate the appropriate token, associated sections with bunch of examples to ensure your completeness. I thing, you will find this would be substitutable to reading books or class-room teaching approaches. I hope so, happy learning.


  • The targeted audience could be beginners to help them understand the basic of Transact-Sql.
  • The targeted audience could be intermediate-level & expertise professional to take reference while implementing database objects.

Feature tutorials:

  1. Tutorial-2: Database Programming using T-SQL
  2. Tutorial-3: Database Designing


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